These days many of us lead such busy lives and I am no exception. I found that my energy levels were low and I wasn't coping with stress as well as I would have liked. A friend recommended Pilates as an exercise method that would help; I enrolled in classes at SOFIT Pilates and I haven't looked back since! Not only do I look and feel better, but my sense of wellbeing has increased enormously and I find the classes both challenging and fun. Expertise and professionalism are important to me, and the high level of both at SOFIT Pilates has exceeded my expectations. The description of Pilates as "the thinking person's workout" is spot on: the classes are varied and stimulating and always leave you with a satisfying sense of personal achievement. I can't recommend SOFIT Pilates highly enough: try it and I can guarantee you'll be hooked!
Andra B

As an office worker in my own business and with running/boxing being my other form of exercise, I was seeking something different to work more on core strength, stretching and relaxation. My wife had been enrolled in SOFIT Pilates for some 12 months and was really enjoying it. She had also noticed a remarkable improvement in an ongoing back complaint. So I also joined SOFIT and I have found a marked improvement in more core strength and it enables me to switch off completely from the outside world. The quality of instruction is excellent as it focuses always on the correct technique and posture and being conscious of the use of your stomach muscles. I can see myself continuing to do SOFIT Pilates for many years to come and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for something different.
Robert T

I decided to enroll in a Pilates class to regain some of my body strength and fitness lost, when I stopped regular exercise two years ago. I chose Sofit Pilates because it was taught by an accredited instructor in a course structure that allowed me to move as my strength and skills progressed. Since attending classes, I have benefited from more than just physical improvement. My muscles are much stronger and more toned, in particular my stomach muscles. I have the ability to use breathing and posture skills in everyday activities, reducing strain on other muscles such as my back. The style of teaching in the classes allows me to do each movement to my own ability. Individual support and guidance is always provided which enables me to complete each exercise correctly, and to the appropriate level. Although I have tried other Pilates classes, the instruction and level of personal attendance provided in SOFIT Pilates ensures that I maximize the benefit of each movement by completing it properly, I have not experienced this in other classes. I have also been involved in aerobics classes, which provide great cardio activity, however I find Pilates is better for its focus on all-over body strength and toning. There is also much more focus on the safe and correct execution of movements, preventing injuries. I would definitely recommend SOFIT Pilates to anyone interested in joining for all of the reasons above.
Danielle M


I had previously participated in two different types of yoga, but felt it was too repetitive and I was also able to continue thinking about daily issues and still complete the exercises. This type of exercise was not for me. Seeing articles about Pilates in late 2002, I became interested in the different format offered by the Pilates method and enrolled in the next SOFIT Pilates term. After my first night I was hooked. With complete instruction, and a level of good humour, the class followed a set of exercises which have grown and expanded our abilities, strength and wellbeing. As the year has progressed I have seen myself and other class members progress to a much higher level which I feel is due to the flowing teaching method used by Sophie. Each exercise compliments the following exercise, throughout the class. At the end of each class I notice I have thought of nothing but the routine that I am following and I have been able to switch off all the outside issues of the day. This has helped my level of stress and my sleep patterns. Other health issues such as posture, breathing and muscle strength and control have also been of benefit. Although I play other sports, I find this is the most complimentary to my level of fitness and my age. I feel most fortunate that I have become a member of SOFIT Pilates and have met many interesting and friendly people. I'm always recommending to people of all ages and fitness levels the wonderful virtues of SOFIT Pilates.
Kerrie D

After years of back and neck problems, I have found SOFIT Pilates to be extremely beneficial. The benefits have meant no more regular chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment. The classes are very professionally run and result in a total body work out. I have found SOFIT Pilates to be very complementary to my regular exercise of walking. SOFIT Pilates is certainly assisting me to reach the needed flexibility to pass my advanced Cecchitti Ballet examinations. My daughter has joined me in the classes and since doing so she has been able to better manage her injuries associated with dancing lessons. I would strongly recommend SOFIT Pilates to anyone wanting a professionally run activity to improve their fitness and to tone up
Megan S

I have been attending SOFIT Pilates for over a year - I have had 2 hip replacement operations and felt it necessary to participate in some form of exercise. Pilates has really helped me to remain more flexible and Sophie is aware of what and how much I am able to do. I must say I find SOFIT Pilates to be of the highest standard and have recommended it to many people. I have experienced many forms of physiotherapy and have found SOFIT Pilates to be the best - it's relaxing and the workout is excellent.
M. F

I am 56 - work fulltime and although I try to walk daily, I decided to join a Pilates class to gain strength and flexibility and to help with a lower-back problem. Lack of strength and flexibility as I get older also concerns me. Other forms of exercise, while beneficial, did not appeal to me, as I would have found them boring. Finding an accredited instructor was important, so I went onto the Pilates Institute of Australia website, where I found Sophie Donovan of SOFIT Pilates. The benefits start after just a few classes. It's amazing how quickly the body responds and how much more conscious you are with regard to general posture. I find myself using what I have learned much more frequently in my day-to-day life. The instruction given is easy to follow and you do it to your own ability. The humor is free of charge. I now attend two classes a week. For me it has become a lifetime commitment to my health and well-being. I would recommend SOFIT Pilates to anyone who wants to invest in a healthier lifestyle.
Cathy M

I was looking for a non-impact form of exercise that would challenge me. I heard about Pilates and decided to give it a go. That was two years ago and I'm still enjoying it and still being challenged. Sophie is an excellent instructor who explains each exercise clearly. One of the most beneficial aspects of a class run by Sophie is that she always makes sure you are doing the exercise correctly and at a level appropriate to your abilities - no slacking off. I've tried other Pilates classes but have not felt challenged or properly coached in correct technique. Since I started I have noticed an increase in core and upper body strength, as well as improved flexibility and general toning.
Jill C

I have been participating in SOFIT Pilates classes for the past twelve months and during this time I have experienced many benefits. My headaches have decreased to a bare minimum due to the emphasis on correct posture and stretching in the class, my body is toned and feeling fitter than ever (slimmer waistline, firmer stomach),and my flexibility and energy levels have increased. I am an aerobic fan and whilst this may increase my fitness level, it was not toning my body - Pilates gives you an overall workout without the sweating, exhaustion and stress on your joints. Sophie Donovan, Accredited Pilates Instructor is thorough in her instructions, follows through each exercise precisely and makes each class fun and relaxing with background music and aromatherapy oils. I have no hesitation recommending SOFIT Pilates to anyone.
Sharon R

I have tried Yoga and found it to be painful for my arthritis so I thought I would give Pilates a trial - I have been attending classes now for over 12 months and am gradually gaining more mobility in my movements. The classes are small, friendly and you feel comfortable in the surroundings and also the confidence in Sophie's instruction and guidance. No matter what age I would recommend SOFIT Pilates.

I have been nursing for nearly nine years now and found that the constant bending in this profession was getting me worried about my potential for lower back pain. I had been doing some research about the benefits of Pilates and found that it was beneficial for those people wanting to strengthen their lower abdominal and lower back muscles. Looking through my local leader paper I had seen an advertisement about SOFIT Pilates which happened to be on at a time that suited me. I went along not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. We had an understanding instructor who took us through each of the movements with detailed explanation of what benefits the exercises were supposed to be doing for us. The classes always have a bit of variance in them which keeps them interesting and there are different levels that you can work at. The benefits that I have attained from completing Pilates are stronger core muscles in my lower abdomen and spine and more flexibility which benefits me not only at work but in other physical activities as well. I would definitely recommend SOFIT Pilates to my friends and colleagues.
Sandra F


  • Pilates can benefit Men and Women of all ages.
  • Regardless of fitness levels you can do Pilates.
  • Compliment your other exercise methods and routines with Pilates.
  • Improve your posture.

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