Domeney Recreation Centre - 24-52 Knees Road, Park Orchards

Melway Reference: 35 E9

SOFIT Pilates conducts classes at Domeney Recreation Centre, situated adjacent to the 100 Acres in Park Orchards.


Manningham Disc - 360 Springvale Road, Donvale

Melways Reference: 48 F4

Located a short distance north of the Springvale Road Eastern Freeway exit, Manningham DISC provides ample parking and a modern air conditioned multi-purpose room where classes are held.

  • Pilates classes Park Orchards.
  • Pilates classes Donvale.

"..I was looking for a non-impact form of exercise that would challenge me. I heard about Pilates and decided to give it a go.... Sophie is an excellent instructor who explains each exercise clearly. One of the most beneficial aspects of a class run by Sophie is that she always makes sure you are doing the exercise correctly and at a level appropriate to your abilities - no slacking off. I've tried other Pilates classes but have not felt challenged or properly coached in correct technique. Since I started I have noticed an increase in core and upper body strength, as well as improved flexibility and general toning..."

P.O. Box 118 Doncaster East 3109 | E: | M: 0412 495 727 | F: 9841 5657