SOFIT Pilates offers Pilates Floor courses in Melbourne's eastern suburbs of Donvale and Park Orchards.

Sophie Donovan, Accredited Instructor, has qualified to teach Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Pilates Floor classes, and Pilates for Pregnancy. After several years teaching group fitness classes in gyms and health clubs, and after successfully establishing a personal training business, Sophie now exclusively devotes her time to educating individuals about the benefits of Pilates. "It is a thinking person's workout," says Sophie, "because your mind is required to engage with your body to perform the movements correctly as you experience a new awareness of muscle function and control." SOFIT Pilates began offering courses in 2002 and since that time participants working at various levels of ability have been catered for by qualified and experienced instructors. The use of small apparatus such as the Pilates Circle, Mini Ball and resistance bands are incorporated to provide variety in safe and effective classes, and participants ranging in ages from teenagers to senior citizens enjoy the many benefits of SOFIT Pilates courses in modern comfortable facilities.


"SOFIT Pilates seeks to empower individuals by educating them about their bodies, and by assisting them in the understanding of how to use proper body alignment and muscle control in their everyday activities so that they may lead a more active balanced life."

Sophie Donovan Accredited Pilates Instructor

  • Accredited Instructor, qualified by the Pilates Institute Of Australasia.
  • Pilates Floor courses in Melbourne.
  • Pilates classes for various fitness levels.
  • Exercise safely and effectively in modern comfortable facilities.

"….I decided to enrol in SOFIT Pilates as I wanted an exercise program that would strengthen and tone my muscles without building bulk. Over the two years I have attended SOFIT Pilates I have noticed my body has become leaner and stronger with a noticeable increase in flexibility. The advantage of attending SOFIT Pilates is being able to have a qualified and experienced instructor oversee your workout and correct/adjust your position as required. This gave me the confidence that I was performing the exercises correctly and in a safe manner, thereby gaining maximum benefit from the exercises….”

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